Konfrontation, Konkurrenz, Kooperation: Zur wechselvollen Geschichte des Verhältnisses zwischen Kunst und Natur

The debate as to whether art was superior to nature or vice versa was a recurring one. In particular, the interpretation of nature as something raw or pure, sinful or sacred, imperfect or exemplary determined the way in which people encountered it through the means of art.

Donna Haraway als Sprachgefährtin denken

Hyperbolic Crocheting

Artenreicher Trockenrasen
nach Daina_Taimiņa

Participatory Project

Pain Studies / Schmerzstudien

A series of drawings allows us to take a look at the adaptation to a foreign body. It replaces awkward formations that hinder movement and pull the whole body along. Do not look away.