SYMPOSION 1967-1997

In 1973, new paths were sought in Lindabrunn. The symposium venue had become well-known and many people visited it not only during the symposia, but also on other occasions.

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The Lindabrunn Quarry Symposia 1999-2004

This catalog traces the development of the artists’ symposia of the 1960s into contemporary project and process art, using the Lindabrunn symposium as an example. The first section is devoted to Thomas Hirsch’s art-historical account of the years 1999 to 2002 and is of a descriptive nature. In the second section, the artists have their say; their statements and observations are intended to provide an insight into strategies and approaches in dealing with peripheral space.

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Catalog Tomatl for the X Bienal of Cuenca (Ecuador) by Francesco Mariotti in collaboration with umraum artcollective, 2009


A biotechnological project with fireflies by Francesco Mariotti in collaboration with umraum artcollective, 2010

Autonomous light installation with solar energy; sunflowers, fireflies, LED, PET bottles, nets.


50 years of the Symposion Lindabrunn Association
Publisher: Günther Friesinger
edition mono/monochrom, 2019