alien productions

alien productions was founded in 1997 by the artists Martin Breindl (A), Norbert Math (I), Andrea Sodomka (A) and August Black (USA) as a network for works with new technologies and media. Since 1985 they have been realizing and presenting their projects at festivals, symposia, exhibitions and concerts in Austria and abroad.

The spectrum of their work ranges from media performances and media installations to electronic music,, radio art, sound art, interactive art, video, visual art and photography. Main projects include: „Alien City“, „The well-tempered kitchen“ and „Embedded Systems“. Since 2013, they have been working on their long-term project „metamusic“, which involves a group of gray parrots as partners in an artistic process. Since 2021 they have been working on „Performing Utopia“, and in this context with artificial intelligence. alien productions have received numerous prizes and awards, including the Cynetart Arte Creative Commission 2014 and the Würdigungspreis für Medienkunst des Landes Niederösterreich 2019.