Feel My Metaverse

Duration: 40min
Built within a game engine, Feel My Metaverse is set in a not too distant future where the climate crisis has rendered the Earth uninhabitable.

Corporation Alipay promptly disseminated life units. Inside these life units, humans live in a Metaverse of virtual worlds; worlds that feel as real as the Earth. To survive in these virtual worlds, humans must earn points to keep their base bodies alive.

Analysing contemporary belief systems, the work plays on our understanding of reality and the idea that we can create our own future through the stories we collectively believe in. It contemplates how individuals can be required to trust, suffer and live in realities that they intuitively disagree with. The work critiques the disconnection of monopolising desires of corporate and futurist visions in relation to inequality and the climate crisis. It also explores technology as an emancipatory tool, deconstructing physical limitations through sensory understanding and elevating unheard voices.

Originally commissioned for Jerwood Art’s Collaborate 2019 and supported by Arts Council England. Keiken and George Jasper Stone would like to thank collaborators Sakeema Crook, Linda Rocco, Khidja, Charlotte Oppenheim, Rob Malone and Ebe Oke.

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