Online Interactive Smartphone Experience
Sounddesign: Ernst Lima,
Animations: Lukas Dworschak



EDEN is a smartphone retreat conceived as a part of an ongoing body-screen practice. I observe the digitisation of the wellness industry and the peculiar fate of our age: locating spirituality in the smartphone. The religious fervour that motivates fitness seekers towards workout apps has extended the sacralised human condition to the mental state as well.With EDEN I explore the possibility of memorialising an on-screen version of ourselves that also embodies our consciousness. Flirting with the idea of virtual longevity, I transpose the search for a perfect mind-body condition into an audio-visual journey towards a net-based paradise that I imagine to be the final destination.


Every journey is a unique experience, your personal way to overcome your own physical extinction; a purification process that requires contemplation, belief and trust. True is just what is true to you.

Produced by vigointeractive – Curatorial support by Jing Yi Teo – Voice by Isabelle von Spreckelsen – Logo
Design by Lina Von Jaruntowski

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