Dance the Electron

As an electromagnetic wave, light has the same possibilities as the electromagnetic waves in technical signal conductors. These can be conducted through cables, amplified, and connected to loudspeakers converted into another wave form, namely into acoustically perceptible compressed air fluctuations.

In organized form, this is called music, among other things. The installation Tanz das Elektron (Dance the Electron) tries to make the sunlight dance and to make this audible by the most direct means possible. This is done by means of the Faraday effect. The sun also vibrates in the audible frequency spectrum. Its vibrations have been collected by ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), analyzed and converted into audible sound. What happens when sunlight arriving on Earth amplifies these very frequencies? You can hear the solar sound captured by NASA alternating with dance music. The sound itself is modulated onto the sunbeam by means of a magnetic field. This beam hits a solar cell which converts this modulation back into AC voltage. The loudspeaker connected to the solar cell converts this into audible compressed air fluctuations.




Quelle: Wikipedia

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