The BABEL Experiment – Maurizio Nardo and Peter Brandlmayr

During their residency, Maurizio Nardo and Peter Brandlmayr will explore a fundamentally existent, measuring and relative concept of language in theory and practice.The setting seems suitable to them, as at the symposium humans coexist physically and mentally with animate and inanimate nature. The artists' focus is on the threshold zones between the participants, i.e. on […]

The pillars and me – art education for school classes

June 11th and 25th The work The Pillars was created in 1978 by Tomou Kobori, Mathias Hietz, Franz Katzgraber and Jun Ohara. Nine simple, cylindrical stone forms of varying heights stand to the right of the gravel road leading to the central communication center. The work requires participation on the part of the viewer, as […]

application necessary

Residency: Metafunk

The radio collective Metafunk has been operating a radio station at Symposion Lindabrunn for many years. During an annual production residency, the members work on maintenance and ask questions about amateur radio in a current social and artistic context in workshops.

Residency: Katya Dimova

The life of wild plants shows parallels to our society, for example when neophytes are portrayed as unloved wild plants or women's herbs are discredited by popular belief. In textile books, the artist passes on various storiesabout the healing powers of plants. In the NEOPHYTEN III books embroidered in 2023, she focuses on neophytes. These […]

Produktionsaufenthalt – Claudia Rohrauer

ANALOGUE FIELDWORK  Analogue Fieldwork deals with the potential and possibilities of sustainable analog darkroom practice, plant-based developers as an alternative to conventional photographic chemicals and thus with the future of analog photography. The central starting point is the ability of plants to act as a developer substance through the phenols and polyphenols they contain and […]


Symposion Lindabrunn Steinbruchstraße 25, Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn

Art workshops for children, young people and families. Artists from different cultures and nations offer insights into the fields of painting, graphic design, photography, sound design, textile design, drawing, literature, journalism, dance, music and science.